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Press Release

Press Release

Voters of Tomorrow Introduces the ‘Gen Z Agenda’ to Represent Gen Z Voters

The issues that Gen Z cares about most are being purposefully overlooked by our government over and over again. This platform, which was created by Voters of Tomorrow after extensive polling of young voters across the country, will give our government leaders a clear view on the policies, legislation, and issues that Gen Z stands for. We hope that this platform will allow our legislators to focus on the future of our country…

Press Release

Voters of Tomorrow Forces Indiana Speaker to Resign From College Board Leadership

Indiana House of Representatives Speaker Todd Huston resigned his position yesterday as senior vice president of the College Board after a significant public pressure campaign initiated by 20-year-old Voters of Tomorrow Executive Director Santiago Mayer.

Press Release

Voters of Tomorrow To Distribute Copies of Banned Books

Voters of Tomorrow is fighting back against the far-right’s attempts to eliminate essential pieces of history and literature from our school curricula. Our youth-led group will give away hundreds of copies of Beloved and Maus, two books that are currently being challenged by a growing list of politicians crusading against students’ right to an accurate and complex historical education, to students beginning in early February…

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