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In 2019, then-17-year-old Santiago Mayer, an immigrant from Mexico, noticed a lack of political engagement at his high school. Realizing the untapped political potential of his peers, Santiago founded Voters of Tomorrow — an organization for Gen Z, by Gen Z.

Our team delivered our first major initiative, “Prom At The Polls,” before the 2020 election. Through organic social media trends and digitally organized events, we registered thousands of voters and reached tens of millions of social media users.

Leading up to the 2022 midterm elections, Voters of Tomorrow hosted a first-of-its-kind youth political summit at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA to discuss policy priorities and youth engagement strategies. Then we hit the ground running to mobilize our peers. In the following months, Voters of Tomorrow contacted young voters over 8 million times by phone, by text, and in person, including during the Georgia Senate run-off. We also had a social media reach of over 100 million, including users in key districts targeted by our issue-based digital ad campaigns. Days after the midterms, The Financial Times reported that Voters of Tomorrow was one of the young voter-focused groups that “may have saved the election.”

What We Do

Voters of Tomorrow is a Gen Z-led 501(c)(4) organization that engages and represents young Americans in politics and government. With chapters in 20 states and a volunteer presence in all 50, we take a locally based, multifaceted approach to engaging young voters. Our team is led by a national staff of young political strategists, organizers, and policy experts.

Being Gen Z-led is one of our greatest strengths. Our perspective as Gen Zers goes into everything we do, from the strategies that guide our entire mobilization operation to each conversation we have on campus. To ensure we fully understand our diverse generation, we also conduct surveys to gauge our peers’ views on various topics. We then use these insights to guide our mobilization strategies and shape our legislative platform, the Gen Z Agenda.

To that end, Voters of Tomorrow’s work doesn’t end on Election Day. Elected officials must hear from Gen Zers year-round. Last year, our team held a roundtable discussion with the House Rules Committee and meetings with over 100 Congressional offices plus The White House to talk about our policy priorities. Now, we’re building on these relationships by collaborating with lawmakers on legislation covering a range of topics.

Our Goal

Gen Z could be an unstoppable force in American politics and government — but we have more work to do. We have too large of a stake in our future to not make each one of our voices heard. With partners including our dozens of Youth Vote Champions, we will continue to harness the political power of Gen Z, deciding elections and legislation through 2024 and beyond.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

  • Michele Alexander

    General Counsel
  • Ben Block

    Senior Advisor
  • Joely Fisher

    Senior Advisor
  • Eliza Orlins

    Senior Advisor
  • Danai Pointer

    Senior Advisor
  • Sari Beth Rosenberg

    Senior Advisor
  • Ashley Williams

    Senior Advisor
  • Yohuru Williams

    Senior Advisor
  • Marco Valera

    Senior Advisor
  • Annie Wu

    Senior Advisor
  • Fred Wellman

    Senior Advisor

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