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Founded in 2019 by then 17-year-old Mexican immigrant Santiago Mayer, Voters of Tomorrow  is a political movement for young people and by young people. 

With the guiding goal of building youth political power, Voters of Tomorrow has a presence in over 25 states and volunteers in all 50. Backed by extensive research on Gen Z, we’re taking the issues Gen Z cares about most into the rooms where decisions get made. Through extensive advocacy, on-the-ground and online organizing, and a nationwide network of Gen Z organizers and activists, we’re making sure that as the most diverse generation, we are represented and spoken for.

What We Do

While many groups expose young people to dangerous ideas, there are few pro-democracy organizations countering their efforts. Voters of Tomorrow is filling that void with effective organizing and messaging online and on campuses to encourage young people to become civically engaged.

We carry out research to fully understand Gen Z’s position on a range of issues, then use this data to guide our public and behind-the-scenes advocacy campaigns. Additionally, we develop and promote initiatives to encourage Gen Z to vote for pro-democracy candidates.

Since its founding, the Voters of Tomorrow team has grown to include a national volunteer staff of dozens of young political strategists, communicators, and policy-wonks. Additional teams of Gen Z organizers lead state efforts through the organization’s chapters program. 

Where We’re Going

We’re turning the students of today into the leaders of tomorrow. With digital campaigns, on-campus organizing, and candidate scorecards, Voters of Tomorrow will be the youth vote power player in the 2024 elections and beyond.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

  • Michele Alexander

    Senior Legal Advisor
  • Ben Block

    Senior Advisor
  • Joely Fisher

    Senior Advisor
  • Kai Gayoso

    Senior Advisor
  • Fred Guttenberg

    Senior Advisor
  • Eliza Orlins

    Senior Advisor
  • Danai Pointer

    Senior Advisor
  • Sari Beth Rosenberg

    Senior Advisor
  • Ashley Williams

    Senior Advisor
  • Yohuru Williams

    Senior Advisor
  • Marco Valera

    Senior Advisor Marco Valera
  • Annie Wu

    Senior Advisor
  • Fred Wellman

    Senior Advisor

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