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Voters of Tomorrow Forces Indiana Speaker to Resign From College Board Leadership


Jack Lobel | Communications Director
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Voters of Tomorrow To Distribute Hundreds of Copies of Challenged Books in Far-Right Controlled States

Indiana House of Representatives Speaker Todd Huston resigned his position yesterday as senior vice president of the College Board after a significant public pressure campaign initiated by 20-year-old Voters of Tomorrow Executive Director Santiago Mayer. Voters of Tomorrow Spokesperson Jack Lobel released the following statement on behalf of the group:

“Todd Huston made it clear as speaker that he opposes well-rounded curricula conducive to student development and positive societal change, as he supported legislation to limit teachers’ rights, whitewash history, ban books, and restrict the rights of transgender people. At the same time, his position at the College Board gave him the power to influence the curricula and college admissions process of high school students nationwide. This was a clear conflict of interest, all while Huston received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the non-profit organization. Voters of Tomorrow is grateful that Todd Huston’s far-right perspectives are no longer a factor in College Board decisions.”

“Under Huston’s guidance, the College Board repeatedly failed to stand up against anti-education legislation, including ‘book bans,’ introduced across the country. We are hopeful that his departure will allow the College Board to commit to standing up for young people’s right to an accurate and complete historical education. This should serve as a reminder to any on the far-right who wish to come after Gen Z, our education, and our future: we will not back down.” 

Voters of Tomorrow Executive Director Santiago Mayer said: “Those who shape our schools’ curricula carry with them the highest responsibility: the ability influence our young minds. Todd Huston does not possess the qualities of an educator, his voice should not supersede that of educators, and I am glad he will no longer be a part of the College Board’s senior leadership team. Unfortunately, the clarity that led him to resign has not led him to cease his pursuit of policies meant to harm the educational system. We will continue to fight the regressive legislation that he continues to support as Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives.” 

Speaker Todd Huston voted in favor of House Bill 1134, which prohibits educators from teaching certain “divisive concepts.” The bill also allows for parental oversight of classroom materials and for educators who violate the law to lose their teaching license.

Santiago Mayer, Founder and Executive Director of Voters of Tomorrow, is a 20-year-old immigrant from Mexico and a current college student in California He was recently credited with starting the campaign to fire Todd Huston in The Indianapolis Star. Voters of Tomorrow, a Gen Z-led non-profit that represents and engages young people in politics, recently announced their plans to distribute hundreds of challenged and banned books in far-right-controlled states.


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