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Voters of Tomorrow Introduces the ‘Gen Z Agenda’ to Represent Gen Z Voters


Jack Lobel | Communications Director
[email protected]

Voters of Tomorrow Announces The “Gen Z Agenda,” a policy platform to represent Generation Z’s Political Priorities

“Voters of Tomorrow, a Gen Z-led non-profit that represents and engages young people in politics, announced today the release of their policy platform. This set of policies, collectively known as the “Gen Z Agenda” will guide Voters of Tomorrow’s advocacy efforts and provide elected officials with a comprehensive view of Gen Z’s political priorities.”

“The issues that Gen Z cares about most are being purposefully overlooked by our government over and over again. This platform, which was created by Voters of Tomorrow after extensive polling of young voters across the country, will give our government leaders a clear view on the policies, legislation, and issues that Gen Z stands for. We hope that this platform will allow our legislators to focus on the future of our country, rather than continue enacting policy based on the past.”

Voters of Tomorrow Executive Director Santiago Mayer said: “For months, the Voters of Tomorrow team has worked diligently to put together a policy platform that truly represents what Gen Zers overwhelmingly believe. I could not be prouder of the work they’ve done. The Gen Z Agenda will, for the first time, provide a policy framework to which elected officials seeking to represent their youngest constituents can look and understand their top priorities.”

Voters of Tomorrow Policy Director Ryan Yeager said: “The Gen Z Agenda represents the change young people are fighting for. It is bold, progressive, and all-inclusive because that’s who Gen Z is –– a generation that believes our nation can become so much better for all people and we will not rest until that dream becomes a reality. We used our polling data to fully understand our racially, ethnically, and ideologically diverse generation, allowing us to develop a comprehensive platform that truly represents our views.”


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