Press Release

Voters of Tomorrow To Hold A Protest On the Steps of the Texas State Capitol


Maya Mackey | Texas Chapter President
[email protected]

Youth Activists To Host March For Education At Texas Capitol To Protest Book Bans And Politicization of School Curricula

Voters of Tomorrow Texas, a state chapter of the Gen Z-led non-profit organization Voters of Tomorrow, will host a March for Education at the Texas Capitol this Saturday to protest the banning of books across the state. Distinguished speakers on the issue of banned books will speak. Voters of Tomorrow organizers will distribute free copies of banned books and register voters during the event.

WHEN: Saturday, March 12, 2022 at 10AM CST
WHERE: Texas Capitol, South Steps and Great Walk

  • Voters of Tomorrow Texas
  • Common Cause Texas
  • Children’s Defense Fund Texas
  • Zeph Capo, President of Texas AFT
  • IDRA
  • Madison Petaway, Poet and 2020 Houston Youth Poet Laureate
  • Dr. Helena Woodard, UT Austin Professor
  • Education Austin
  • San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel
  • RAC-TX
  • FReadom Fighters
  • Dozens of other advocates, students, teachers, and librarians

MEDIA RSVP & QUESTIONS: mayajanmackey@dmcconville


  • We are witnessing a far-right, fascist attack on our educational freedom and constitutional right to free expression across the country, and especially in Texas, that is unprecedented in its ferocity and magnitude.
  • From huge surges in book banning to bills designed to stifle the teaching of history and destroy civic engagement in schools, we are facing an aggressive attempt to stop the conversations that matter most to an inclusive, just United States.
  • The books that schools are pulling from their shelves deal with important issues such as LGBTQ+ identity, anti-racism, feminism, and history.
  • The impacts of these book bans will be devastating for our students, who deserve new perspectives and access to information.
  • About Voters of Tomorrow: Voters of Tomorrow is a Gen Z-led non-profit organization that engages, educates, and represents young people in politics and government.


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