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What You’ll Need

Name: Voters of Tomorrow campus chapters tend to use their school name followed by “Voters of Tomorrow,” for example, “UT Austin Voters of Tomorrow.”

Executive Board Members: We ask that our campus chapters have at least three (3) executive board (e-board) members at all times, including at founding. This helps keep things moving and the workload manageable.

Members: You’ll need to provide a membership roster including at least three (3) members and their contact information. Officers also count as members.

A District: All chapters must be part of a district. You can find what district you belong to in our Chapters page. If you are not part of an existing district and are interested in helping lead one, let us know.

Ready to go?

How It Works


Chapters are groups of youth leaders that operate in their schools or communities. Chapters are the backbone of Voters of Tomorrow and the largest body of members. Every year, chapters elect officers to represent them in their district.


Districts are made up of all Voters of Tomorrow members in an established jurisdiction; this means all VOT chapters, activists, volunteers, and supporters in a state, province, or territory.


The national team is made up of youth activists from around the country. The team is made up of different departments that supports our on-the-ground activists with overall national strategy, communications, mobilization, and political guidance.

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