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Gen Z Group to Offer Free Uber Rides to Polling Locations Across Georgia to Combat Voter Disenfranchisement

November 29, 2022

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Gen Z Group to Offer Free Uber Rides to Polling Locations Across Georgia to Combat Voter Disenfranchisement

Voters of Tomorrow announces funding for Uber rides to polling locations for young voters during runoff election

ATLANTA, GA — Voters of Tomorrow, a Gen Z-led nonprofit that engages and represents young people in politics, announced today its plans to provide free Uber rides to polling locations for young voters.

Voters of Tomorrow will be partnering with Plus1Vote to fund Uber rides for young Georgia voters from the start of early voting through Election Day in all 159 counties. The groups will be providing vouchers that will fund an Uber trip to a polling location. 

“Along with our voter outreach programming consisting of text banks, phone banks and relational organizing, integrating free rides to the polls into our organizing will provide voters with another option to get to the polls and serve to get as many young people to the polls as possible,” said Santiago Mayer, Executive Director for Voters of Tomorrow. “We’re thrilled to be a partner on this. This is a first of its kind program for Uber, with a direct investment in young voters in the Uber app. 

“The average round trip cost of ridesharing to a polling location is $25, which for students and low income voters, can often be a hurdle to voting. One survey found that 29% of young people cited a lack of transportation as a reason for not voting. Other research has shown that having access to a car can increase the probability of voter participation by at least one-third. Young voters may not have the resources to afford a car or may live on a college campus that makes car ownership difficult. This group is also often at a disadvantage when it comes to voting as many of them do not have adequate finances or resources to vote – especially young people of color. This is why Voters of Tomorrow will be focusing our efforts specifically on historically Black colleges and universities and young voters of color.

“The nearest polling places for many students across Georgia are miles away, meaning some students may be left with few options to vote. Offering free Uber rides to the polls is going to increase youth voter turnout, and offer more young people the opportunity to vote.”


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