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COVID Safety Walk Out

Walk Out For COVID Safety

Join students across Texas in walking out to demand COVID-safe learning spaces on February 9th at 9 AM. Read and sign our Bill of Demands, check out our organizing guide, and sign up to lead a walkout at your school below.


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Bill of Demands

Bill of Demands for the 2022 COVID Safety Walkout

We are walking out because we believe in one simple thing: the health and safety of our schools matter. Students, staff, and faculty as well as their families and community have been put at unnecessary risk by a failure of our state’s educational leadership to implement science-based, proactive policies to protect against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Young people are tired of being ignored and endangered by leadership that is making it harder, not easier, for students to cope with the emotional, academic, and social struggles of living through a global pandemic. Politics should not be placed over the lives and well-being of each and every person–whether student, faculty, staff, or parent–that is affected by a failure to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19 in schools. 

Students should not have to choose between doing well in school and doing their part to protect the health of themselves, their families, and their communities, and members of our Texas school communities should not be put at risk unnecessarily. With this in mind, we demand that the Texas Education Agency act immediately to set the following policies for schools across Texas:

We also demand the following of individual schools and school districts:

We trust that these demands will be well-received and implemented with a mind to the well-being of our educational communities, and we thank you for your time and consideration.

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