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Voters of Tomorrow Endorses Tim Ryan for Ohio Senate


September 26, 2022

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Voters of Tomorrow Endorses Tim Ryan for Ohio Senate

Speaking today at the 33rd Biennial Convention of the Ohio AFL-CIO, Santiago Mayer, Founder and Executive Director endorsed Tim Ryan in the Ohio Senate race. 

“I could not be any more excited to announce that Voters of Tomorrow is endorsing Tim Ryan for Senate — because he is a leader who will not only hear what young people say, but who will listen to us. A leader who will protect our students. A Senator who will stand up for the little guy, and give them the power to decide their own future; our own future,” said Santiago Mayer at his speech today. 

As a representative, Ryan has been a staunch ally of Gen Z on Capitol Hill. He has spent his career in public service fighting for the economic and social rights all Americans deserve. Representative Ryan has long been an outspoken advocate for a living wage, strong unions, the right to choose, and the right to vote.  Just as Ryan has supported unions in their fight for the working class, Ryan is ready and willing to uplift the voices of Gen Z in our fight for a better future. 

‘Throughout the course of this nation’s history, unions have fought for a better future for their members and the generations that come after them — and now it’s time for Gen Z to carry the baton forwards.’ Mayer would continue as he addressed members of the nation’s largest federation of unions.

This upcoming election the economic and political future of our generation is at risk. We need staunch allies in Congress who will fight for our future in the face of unprecedented special interests. We know Tim Ryan will fight for Gen Z in congress and we are ready to fight for him.”


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