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Thousands of Condoms to be Distributed to College Students by Gen Z-Led Group Voters Of Tomorrow Following Contraception Restrictions

October 14, 2022

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Thousands of Condoms to be Distributed to College Students by Gen Z-Led Group Voters Of Tomorrow Following Contraception Restrictions

“Project F*ck Fascism” will target college campuses in red states where reproductive rights are under attack

AUSTIN, TX – Voters of Tomorrow, a Gen Z-led nonprofit that engages and represents young people in politics, announced today a massive expansion of “Project F*ck Fascism” –– a direct action to distribute thousands of condoms with brochures on abortion advocacy, voter registration, and safe sex. After a successful pilot event in Austin, TX, the initiative will expand to Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, and other parts of Texas.

“As far-right politicians attack contraception and other reproductive rights, college students are often one of the most affected groups. Voters of Tomorrow is fighting back by launching Project F*ck Fascism,” said Jack Lobel, spokesperson for Voters of Tomorrow. “We will mobilize our young on-the-ground organizers in a half-dozen red states to distribute condoms on college campuses. Our teams will also encourage students in six key states to engage in the fight for reproductive rights, including by registering to vote before the midterms. Our generation is prepared to counter this far-right attack and every other punch thrown at us.”

“Students loved our pilot event in Austin, and it’s clear that we need immediate action at the local level across the country to fight for reproductive rights,” said Maya Mackey, Southeast Regional Organizing Director for Voters of Tomorrow. “Access to education and resources to prevent pregnancy is crucial even as we work towards a full restoration of bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. Young people like me will use our voices and votes to demand our rights are fully protected.”

The expansion of Project F*ck Fascism follows a recent report that the University of Idaho warned employees “not to provide birth control, that classroom discussions of abortion should be limited and that employees should not promote abortion.” (Read President Biden’s reaction.) The effort to restrict students’ rights at the University of Idaho will have grave consequences for students there, and similar measures could be implemented across the nation. Voters of Tomorrow have launched Project F*ck Fascism to prove to the far-right that Gen Z will not back down in the fight for reproductive rights.


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