Voters of Tomorrow Releases New Poll of Gen Z Voters

Voters of Tomorrow, a Gen Z-led nonpartisan organization that harnesses the political power of young Americans, today released a new national poll of Gen Z voters. The Voters of Tomorrow/Generation Lab poll finds Biden leading Trump 42% – 29%, and Democrats leading the generic Congressional ballot by 22%. 

The national Gen Z survey also found young people are motivated to vote, support a ceasefire in Gaza, strongly prefer Democrats’ legislative agenda, and view Trump more negatively due to his court cases. The top three issues that will influence Gen Z’s vote in 2024 are the economy, abortion, and healthcare.

“Gen Z is motivated is vote and we are doing everything we can to turnout the youth vote to historic levels,” said Voters of Tomorrow’s executive director Santiago Mayer. “Gen Z’s message can be heard loud and clear. We want leaders who are pushing bold, decisive action on protecting abortion rights, combating climate change, and delivering good jobs – not defending themselves in court cases about sexual assault and overturning elections.”

The poll was conducted February 3-14 with a representative sample of 992 18-to-29-year-olds nationwide (485 registered voters), with a ±3.1% margin of error. Results below: 

Voters of Tomorrow / Generation Lab Poll

Which candidate would you vote for in this November’s presidential election?

Joe Biden, the Democrat 42%

Donald Trump, the Republican 29%

Not sure 10%

Neither 19%

If an election for US Congress were being held today, who would you vote for?

The Democratic Party candidate 48%

The Republican Party candidate 26%

A third party candidate 7%

I wouldn’t vote 6%

Not sure 13%

Do you support a ceasefire to end conflict in Israel and Gaza?

Agree 58%

Not Sure 31%

Disagree 12%

Donald Trump was recently found liable of sexual assault and defamation and ordered to pay over $80 million to the victim by a jury. How does this impact your perception of Donald Trump?

Makes me view him more positively 7%

Does not impact how I view him 30%

Makes me view him more negatively 64%

Later this year, Donald Trump will be on trial for attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election. How does this impact your perception of Donald Trump?

Makes me view him more positively 8%

Does not impact how I view him 33%

Makes me view him much more negatively 59%

How likely are you to vote in this November’s 2024 presidential election?

Likely 77%

Not likely 10%

Somewhat likely 13%

Do you believe your friends will vote in next November’s 2024 elections?

Likely 72%

Not likely 17%

Somewhat likely 11%

Which issue areas will influence your vote or views the most in the November 2024

elections? Select your top three issue areas.

Jobs and the economy 47%

Abortion 36%

Healthcare 31%

Gun policy 22%

Education 21%

Climate change 20%

LGBTQ+ rights 20%

Immigration and the border 20%

Crime 17%

Conflict in Israel and Gaza 16%

Foreign policy 11%

Addressing inequality 10%


Amongst Biden supporters, 28% ‘strongly agree’ that a ceasefire is necessary to bring an end to the conflict in Israel and Gaza, 25% ‘agree’, 27% ‘neither agree nor disagree’, 17% ‘disagree’, 3% ‘strongly disagree’.

Amongst Trump supporters, 28% ‘strongly agree’, 27% ‘agree’, 34% ‘neither agree nor disagree’, 6% ‘disagree’, and 5% ‘strongly disagree’. Amongst voters who are not sure, 17% ‘strongly agree’, 17% ‘agree’, 52% ‘neither agree nor disagree’, 7% ‘disagree’, 7% ‘strongly disagree’.

Amongst voters who indicated they support a third-party candidate, 34% ‘strongly agree’, 13% ‘agree’, 46% ‘neither agree nor disagree’, 2% ‘disagree’, 4% ‘strongly disagree’.

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