A summit to actually represent Gen Z…

Taking place August 12-13, the Leaders of Tomorrow Summit, sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers, will be a two-day celebration of the youth pro-democracy movement. The ultimate purpose of the LOT Summit is to unite leaders from multiple backgrounds, perspectives, and areas of expertise under a common, comprehensive strategies to prevent young people from the far right and prepare the next generation of leaders for a future in politics and civic engagement. LOT will provide attendees the opportunity to work directly with thought leaders, influencers, and elected officials — all while also building their networks, attending workshops, and hearing from various speakers.

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  • Olivia Juliana

    Gen Z Activist
  • Will Larkins

    LGBTQ+ Activist
  • Alexandria Villaseñor

    Climate Activist
  • Paxton Smith

    Abortion Rights Activist
  • Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta

    PA House-181
  • Aidan Kohn-Murphy

    Gen Z Activist
  • Sophia Kianni

    UN Youth Advisor
  • Kevin Patel

    Climate Activist
  • Annie Wu

    Digital Strategist
  • Sen. Richard Blumenthal

  • Chi Ossé

    New York City Council District 36
  • LilyJoy Winder

    Indigenous rights activist
  • Santiago Mayer

    Executive Director
  • Sophie Beren

    Gen Z Educator
  • Eve Levenson

    Youth Organizer

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