Climate Change

The wait and see approach to addressing climate change has come and gone. The crisis is here. Gen Z recognizes the threat of climate change and the impact it will have on our generation and generations to come. We will not pass the buck like the generations that came before us. There is too much at stake and the time to act is now.

Nationwide Mass Economic Mobilization

In order to prevent an uninhabitable future, we must mobilize all our resources and the American people to prevent the climate crisis that has already begun. We need to mobilize all sectors of the American economy in a way we have not seen since World War II to even have a chance of preventing this from becoming cataclysmic. We cannot compromise with the future of our planet at stake. 

Good-paying Green Jobs

The United States’ transition to renewable energy will undoubtedly shake up the lives of countless Americans. Therefore, we need to ensure that any and all climate policy put forward is mindful and inclusive to workers whose livelihoods were reliant on the fossil fuel industry. Workers affected by this transition and members of frontline communities affected by climate should be given priority to receive the training, jobs, and the support necessary to defeat the climate crisis. 

Protecting Communities Most Affected

We must acknowledge the fact that the climate crisis has had a profound impact on communities of color and urban communities. This includes people in public schools and public housing where a lack of governmental investments have left them with old appliances, pipes, and conditions that threaten their lives and the lives of their surrounding communities through tainted water, mold, and air pollution. We must ensure that clean drinking water and safe air quality is treated as a human right instead of as a priority. We must work to ensure that polluters are held accountable and are regulated in how they operate in densely populated areas.

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