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Too many politicians have failed our generation by putting contributions and access to power over our future. We’re taking things into our own hands.

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Young voters deliver.

We did our part in 2020 to save democracy by overwhelmingly rejecting Donald Trump at the ballot box. That was just the beginning of our fight.

With our generation’s political power growing by the day, Voters of Tomorrow is organizing and mobilizing. We are fighting not only to win the battle against fascism but to create a system of government representative of the people — one that lives up to the essential principles of equity and justice.

Our organization…

  • Engages We are led by young activists, strategists, and policy wonks. We know best how to turn out our own generation best at the ballot box.

  • Represents We carry out research to fully understand our ideologically diverse generation. Then we use this data to guide our advocacy campaigns.

  • Empowers We are showing young people that their voice matters and their votes can – and will – make a difference in our democracy.

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