Voters of Tomorrow’s goal is to prepare the students of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Young people have a huge role in every election and Voters of Tomorrow is working to ensure that the youth in America use the power that they have to influence the future.


In an ever changing world with five degrees of separation, everything has something to do with politics. Of people aged 18-29, barely 25% vote on a regular basis and even less pay attention to politics regularly. Voters of Tomorrow, a non-profit student-led organization aims to bridge the gap between interest and action within the most diverse generation our country has ever seen. With interests varying greatly, Voters of Tomorrow takes many necessary steps to not only educate America’s youth but to ignite a passion for activism among our generation.

Voters of Tomorrow was created in late 2019 by an 18-year-old Santiago Mayer. Santiago’s vision was a youth-led organization that provided civic education and resources to young people across America in order to prepare them to vote in elections. As the team grew to include many skilled and passionate young leaders, the impact that VOT was having grew with it. We want the youth of America to understand the importance of their voice. Through social media and other media forms, like our two podcasts and countless live streams, we have been spreading awareness about the importance of the youth vote.

America is at a turning point where one out of every ten eligible voters are Generation Z and 17 percent of the electorate is aged 18-29. We want students to understand that no matter where they live or who they are, their vote matters and it is extremely important to make it to the polls in any and every election they have a chance to be a part of. Not only are we encouraging students to vote, we are providing them with resources to stay involved in politics even after an election is over. Voters of Tomorrow is raising a generation of engaged and civically minded young adults that will grow to effect the change that our world needs.