Chapter Requirements

Chartered Voters of Tomorrow Chapters and Hubs must:

  • Maintain an Executive Board of at least three officers, including a President, Vice President, and Treasurer
  • Remain in contact with a Voters of Tomorrow Regional Coordinator or Field Organizer.
  • Submit the Voters of Tomorrow Chapter Charter Agreement and Bylaws
  • Submit the Voters of Tomorrow Chapter Charter Roster

Voters of Tomorrow staff will be available to help you start your chapter, recruit members, and organize events and initatives.

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How Chapters Work

Like any civic-focused organization, we not only promote democracy, but we practice it ourselves. Each year, VOT members elect a District Chair that runs Voters of Tomorrow in their district, and a Division Chair that represents members in VOT's Division, which works with the Board of Directors to guide the organization.


Chapters are groups of youth leaders that operate in their schools or communities. Chapters are the backbone of Voters of Tomorrow and the largest body of members. Every year, chapters elect officers to represent them in their district.


Districts are clusters of chapters in an established jurisdiction, such as a state, province, or territory. Every year, districts elect a District Chair to run Voters of Tomorrow in their district.


Divisions are groups of districts in a certain region. Divisions elect a Division Chair to represent them in Voters of Tomorrow's Division Board.

Each division is served by a Regional Coordinator, a Voters of Tomorrow staff member, who facilitates coordination between chapters in the division and the national VOT team.

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