Work With Us

Voters of Tomorrow is quickly growing, and we need your help. If you're passionate about young voters, apply for one of the positions below. All positions are remote and on a voluntary basis.


  • Deputy Communications Director
    • Assist in developing VOT's communications strategy
    • Write and review ads, press releases, and other materials
    • Carry out duties delegated by the communications director
  • Programming Coordinator
    • Help create original programming
    • Coordinate production schedules
    • Produce live panels and webinars
  • Media Affairs Coordinator
    • Respond to media inquires about Voters of Tomorrow
    • Compile and analyze reports of media mentions
    • Help increase Voters of Tomorrow's media presence
    • Support team members in preparing for media appearances and interviews
  • Outreach Coordinator
    • Find and maintain key contacts
    • Coordinate partner outreach
    • Receive and review partner proposals
  • Communities Coordinator
    • Help us connect with diverse cultures and communities
    • Be a liaison between the Executive Board and target community leaders
  • Surrogates Coordinator
    • Connect to key celebrities, influencers and activists
    • Coordinate appearance requests by members
    • Develop messaging and talking points
  • Rapid Response Coordinator
    • Be tuned into current events and unfolding news
    • Quickly develop and deliver relevant content
    • Coordinate responses between different departments


  • TikTok Coordinator
    • Create content for the @VotersTomorrow TikTok handle
    • Support the digital team with creative video content
    • Leverage insights and analytics to better engage Gen Z with political content
  • Video Coordinator
    • Support the digital team with high-quality video content
    • Produce video ads for digital and broadcast environments
    • Help translate Voters of Tomorrow's messaging to a video format
  • Audio Coordinator
    • Help produce the Voters of Tomorrow Podcast
    • Assist with the production of audiovisual content
    • Manage sound and music licenses
  • Online Fundraising Coordinator
    • Create and manage online fundraising programs
    • Analyze results and optimize accordingly
    • Manage A/B testing and fundraising language
  • Targeted Advertisement Coordinator
    • Design acquisition, fundraising, and brand-lift advertisement programs
    • Integrate ad programs with other departments and grassroots efforts
    • Analyze campaign performance and make optimizations
  • Email and Newsletter Coordinator
    • Write and manage Voters of Tomorrow's Newsletter
    • Collaborate with other departments to enhance Voters of Tomorrow's email program


  • Platform Coordinator
    • Curate and manage the VOT Platform
    • Lead listening sessions with communities
    • Develop policy representative of Gen Z


  • Endorsement Coordinator
    • Research candidates' platforms and compare them with VOT's policy goals
    • Coordinate endorsement releases with candidates' teams
  • Candidate Affairs Coordinator
    • Connect with campaign staff and stakeholders
    • Attend campaign and party briefings and meetings


  • Curriculum Development Coordinator
    • Develop and manage VOT's Educational Curriculum
    • Work with educational stakeholders
  • Content Coordinator
    • Develop video explainers
    • Create educational social content
    • Create infographics
  • Institutional Affairs Coordinator
    • Connect and pitch educational institutions on VOT's Educational Program
    • Manage the implementation of VOT's Educational Program in educational institutions
    • Serve as a liaison between VOT, educators, and administrator

Organizing and Membership

  • Mobilization and Engagement Coordinator
    • Manage grassroots organizing events
    • Coordinate trainings with volunteer and student leaders
    • Design digital engagement efforts
  • Training Coordinator
    • Organize and lead trainings for volunteers and grassroots organizers
    • Develop training guides and materials
  • Distributed Organizer
    • Recruit, train, and lead teams of volunteers
    • Foster a community-based organizing effort
    • Develop phone call, text, and canvassing campaigns to support Voters of Tomorrow's strategic goals


  • Fundraising Coordinator
    • Work with the Digital and Communications Team to meet fundraising goal
    • Organize and manage fundraising events
    • Develop fundraising campaigns and programs
  • Merchandise Coordinator
    • Design and develop new merchandise
    • Work with partners to manage a merchandise program
    • Use merchandising to compliment our fundraising operations
  • Compliance Coordinator
    • Maintain proper financial bookkeeping
    • Compile financial reports for the financial director
    • Import donor records to our database


  • Partnerships Coordinator
    • Review and evaluate partnership proposals
    • Find and connect with strategic partners
    • Attend partner briefings and events


  • Political Analyst
    • Track candidates and elections across the country
    • Maintain a record of changing election laws
    • Analyze the effectiveness of past political interventions
  • Modeling Coordinator
    • Compile polling and election data
    • Create mathematical models to support decision-making
    • Predict the effectiveness of strategies and investments


  • Issue Research Coordinator
    • Compile information on issues of interest
    • Provide guidance to other teams
    • Support the development of policy with issue expertise
  • Candidate Research Coordinator
    • Track candidates and their platforms
    • Maintain candidate "report cards"
    • Conduct background research on candidates and campaign stakeholders

Internal Affairs

  • Special Assistant
    • Serve as a confidential advisor, assistant, and scheduler to the Executive Director
    • Prepare reports and materials for and take minutes in meetings
    • Being a resource to VOT's leadership
    • Duties as assigned

Human Resources

  • Talent Coordinator
    • Find and recruit talented Gen Z operatives and activists
    • Conduct interviews and on-boardings
    • Brief department heads on progress in filling positions